3 years ago
Rules and Suggestions
This is long overdue but I figured everyone who uploads pics other than me already knows these rules for 4chan board boorus but just in case you do not, here they are:

1. Uploaded pics should only be ones that actually come from the /trash/ board on 4chan. Also any edits, coloring, and/or inking uploads should also be for pics already on the booru.

Note that many threads on /trash/ might have their own boorus where they post their stuff. That doesn't mean that they can't post pics here if they were drawn for /trash/ users.

1a. Deliveries of /trash/ requests from the /trash/ drawthread posted on the /b/ drawthread are also allowed

2. No 9gag-tier image macros or comic pages with edited text

3. see the tagging thread

I'm not going to be here all time to upload pic and even then I generally stick to the drawthread so any help uploading pics from threads that don't have boorus or the drawthread would be great.

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